A menstruating Woman May Read the Books of Quranic Commentary

QUESTION:- I read some of the books of tafseer (Quranic exegesis) while I am not in a state of purity, such as during my montly period. Is there any harm in that? Am I being sinful in doing so? Please give me a ruling, may Allah reward you.

RESPONSE:- There is no harm if a menstruating or post-natal bleeding woman reads books of tafseer nor in her reciting the Quran without actually touching the mushaff [the physical copy of the Quran] according to the strongest opinion among the scholars. [1]
As for the sexually defiled person, he may not recite the Quran in any manner until he makes ghusl. However, he may read the books of tafseer, hadith and so forth without reciting what they contain of verses of the Quran. This is based on the hadith that states that nothing would keep the Prophet saw from reciting the Quran except being in a state of sexual defilement. In another wording of the hadith, the Prophet saw states, as recorded by Ahmad with a good chain.
“As for the sexually defiled, he may not [recite], not even one verse” [2]

Shaikh ibn Baz

[1] The question of the menstruating woman touching a physical copy of the Quran is another controversial issue which cannot be discussed in detail here. The interested reader may consult the translator’s. “The Condition of Tahara for Reciting/Touching the Quran”. Al-Basheer (Volume 7, Number 6, March – April 1994), pp. 8 – 22.
[2] Shaikh ibn Baz (may Allah prolong and bless his life) has stated that Ahmad recorded this hadith with a good chain. However, the hadith is transmitted through Abdullah ibn Salima who became senile toward the end of his life. Many scholars accept this hadith while a number of scholars, perhaps one could call them stricker scholars, reject this hadith.
Futhermore, ibn Khuzaima, who accepts this hadith, states that the hadith does not prohibit a sexually defiled person from reciting the Quran. For does not prohibit a sexually defiled person from reciting the Quran. For more details, see the translator’s. “The Condition of Tahara…” Ibid., pp. 9 – 14.

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