Getting Her Menses While She is in the Mosque

QUESTION:- A woman had blood starting to flow while she was in the Mosque of the Prophet saw. She stayed in the mosque for a little while until her husband had finished the prayer and she could leave with him. Did she commit a sin?

RESPONSE:- If she wa not able to depart from the mosque by herself, then there is no harm in what she did. However, if she was able to leave by herself, it is obligatory upon her to exit as quickly as possible. This is because the menstruating woman, post-partum bleeding woman and sexually defiled person are not allowed to sit in the mosque. This is based on Allah’s statement.

“Nor while sexually defiled except when travelling on a road” (Al-Nisa: 43)

It is also narrated from the Prophet saw that he said,

“I do not permit the menstruating woman or the sexually defiled person to enter the mosque” (Abu Dawud, with a different wording by ibn Majah)

Shaikh ibn Baz

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