The Menstruating Woman Keeping Herself Clean From Urine

QUESTION:- When I am mestruating, I do not clean myself from urine with water because I fear that the water may harm me. What is the ruling concerning that?

RESPONSE:- It suffices, in place of water, to clean yourself with clean tissue paper or any pure solid object that will remove the impure substance as a rock, piece of wood or similar substances. This wiping should be done three times or more, until the impure sustance is removed. This ruling is not just for you or anyone in a case like yours. However, it is for all Muslim men and women. This is based on what has been confirmed from Aisha that the Prophet saw sad: “When one of you goes to relieve himself, he should clean himself with three stones and that will be sufficient for him”.

This was recorded by Ahmad, al-Nasai and Abu Dawud, as well as al-Daraqutni who said its chain is sahih hasan. It is also confirmed from Salman al-Farsi that is was said to him. “Your Prophet teaches you everything, even how to go to the bathroom”. Salman said, “Certainly! He prohibited us from facing the qibla while defecating or urinating, from cleaning our genitals with our right hand, from cleaning ourselves with less than three stones and from cleaning ourselves with dung or bone”. This was recorded by Muslim, Abu Dawud and al-Tirmidhi.

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