Drops of Blood After making Ghusl (full ablution)?

I notice that sometimes after making ghusl (full ablution) due to my montly menses, after having had my period for a normal amount of time, five days, I have a very small amount of drops coming out. This occurs right after I make ghusl. After that, nothing else comes out. I do not know what to do. Should I follow my normal five-day period and simply ignore what occurs after that and continue to pray and fast? Or should I consider that day also part of my period and not pray or fast during it? Note that such does not always occurs to me but only occurs every two or three, or so, montly cycles. I hope you will benefit me on this matter.

IF what comes out after your washing is either yellow or brown, it is not to be taken into consideration [as menses] and it takes the same ruling as urine [1]. However, if it is clearly blood, it will then be considered part of the menses and you must repeat the ghusl due to what is confirmed form Umm Atiya, one of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah saw, who said, “We would not consider yellowish or brownish discharge as anything [2] after we had been purified [from menses]”.

Shaikh ibn Baz

Meaning, it mus be washed off the clothing and the person must make ablution from such discharge.
[2] Recorded by al-Bukhari.

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