Impure Due to Menstruation or Post-Partum Bleeding?

A Woman Does not Become Impure Due to Menstruation or Post-Partum Bleeding

My wife gave birth and one of my friends prevented me from entering my house, arguing that it is not allowed for a person to eat what a woman has prepared while she is experiencing post-partum bleeding. She is considered physically and practically impure. I hope you will help me on this issue. According to what I know, the women with post-natal bleeding is not allowed to pray, fast or read the Quran?

A woman does not become impure by menstruation or post-partum bleeding. One may eat with her and one may also come into physical contact with her, avoiding the vagina. However, it is disliked to come into contact with the area between the navel and the knees only. This is based on what Muslim recorded from Anas:- Among the Jews, when a woman had her menses, they would not eat with her.
The Messsenger of Allah saw said:-
“Do everything with them [as you please, as normal] except sexual intercourse”

Al-Bukhari and Muslim also record from Aisha who said that the Prophet saw would tell her to put a waist cloth and then he would have a physical contact with her while she was mestruating. There is no effect from the prohibition of prayer, fasting and reciting the Quran during her menses and post-partum bleeding upon eating with her or eating the food that she has prepared.

The Standing Committee

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